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Wonderfly Arena : The Adult Fun Land

I am always on the hunt for new activities in the DMV area, so when I found out about Wonderfly Arena, I immediately knew that I wanted to check out the facility. I went with a group of girlfriends of mine and can honestly say we had a blast letting loose and embracing our inner kid. At this point, you might be wondering what exactly Wonderfly Arena is? Wonderfly Arena is an indoor sports and entertainment facility that offers a plethora of games and activities that are not only kids friendly but serves as the perfect fun land for adults. Below are Wonderfly Arena most popular games and activities and the ones I would highly recommend playing if you get the opportunity to visit :

· BubbleBall: Each participant wears a bubble suit that allows you to bump into each other, or if you’re as vicious as my group was, knock over each other without worrying about getting hurt. You can play several games with the bubble ball like last man standing and bubble soccer, which surprisingly really works up a sweat. If you do opt to play this game and you’re a female, then I would recommend wearing your hair up to avoid getting your hair caught in the Velcro.

· Hamster Balls: You’re in a huge bubble ball with the aim of racing against your opponent. To be honest, I was most nervous about playing this game because I was worried about hurting myself, but once I got inside the ball, my nerve evaporated, and my competitive side kicked in ( lol I still lost, though).

· VR & Video Games: I was the most excited about trying this experience, and it did not disappoint. We tried a virtual reality heights game, and a couple of us were feeling adventurous and decided to jump off a tall building. It’s pretty mind-blowing how vivid and real the entire experience feels and would highly recommend trying a VR experience.

Parking and Location: Wonderfly Arena is located in Baltimore, which might be a hike for some people, but it’s definitely worth the drive to partake in the unique experience they provide. Upon arriving, you might presume you’re in the wrong location, but locate the address number, and you should see the Wonderfly sign on the door. One of the perks of the being located in Baltimore is that parking is not an issue, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The exact address is 4811 Benson Ave, Halethorpe, MD 21227.

Pricing and Hours: The great thing about Wonderfly Arena is that you’re not sharing the area with another group of people, so if you made a reservation for the Field / the VR &Video Games area only your group would be occupying that space. The pricing I am going to provide is for a party package for either a kid’s or adult event for 10- 25 players with a 2 hours timeslot. If you have a smaller group, the rate is lower, but you would have to call the facility to get the price per person, but I do believe it’s $30 per player ( lol do not quote me ).

The field party is $295 on non-peak days( Mondays – Thursdays) and $395 on peak days ( Friday- Sunday ). The field party includes the Hamster ball, bubble ball, nerf tag, arrow tag, and glow in the dark dodge ball. You also have the option to opt for the glow package for these games. The gaming party is $195 during non-peak days and $295 on peak days. The gaming party includes various VR games and experiences, Nintendo Switch gaming, Xbox Kinect, and four 4K HDTV. You also have the option to do a hybrid event, which allows you to play the field games for one hour and then the video games for the other hour. The hybrid option is $245 on non-peak days and $345 on peak days. Wonderfly Arena is open Mondays – Thursdays 8 am – 8 pm.Fridays and Saturdays 8 am – 12 am, and Sundays 10 am – 10 pm.

Wonderfly Arena has a snack bar, and you’re able to bring outside food and beverages ( alcohol included ), which makes for a smoother planning process and reduces the cost if you’re hosting a party there. It’s rare to find such a unique activity in the DMV area, so I would highly suggest booking Wonderfly Arena for any parties, company team bonding experience, or just an outing for a group of friends to try something different. If you do end up visiting, feel free to comment, and let me know about your experience.

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