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Brunch at Café Fili

One of my goals for the summer was to explore Baltimore restaurant scene, which is currently exploding with chic restaurants with good food. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to have brunch at Café Fili, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and is located in the Mount Vernon area surrounded by old historical buildings. The owner did a great job of creating a balance between a casual atmosphere with a modern aesthetic , which makes Cafe Fili the perfect spot to grab coffee/ food. The Café also has a small market area at the front that sells cheese, wine, and beer, which gives the Cafe an authentic European feel.

Parking and Location: The best part about dinning in Baltimore is that you don’t experience the anxiety you get when trying to find parking in DC. I had brunch on a Sunday and had no issues finding street parking. The exact location for Mount Fili is 816 Cathedral St, Baltimore, which as I mentioned before is in the Mount Vernon area.

The Food: Café Fili is one of the most affordable spots I’ve visited in a long time and what is better than reasonable priced good food? Because everything was so reasonably priced my friend and I tried several items on the menu. Also, it’s worth noting that the café is very vegan-friendly, and offer several mezze dishes, which is comparative to tapas dishes, but unlike tapas mezze dishes can often serve as the main dish.

(The scramblers)

For the main dish, I got the scramblers, which is: fresh scrambled eggs, with toasted barbari bread, and roasted potatoes. The meal was only $9 ( told you super affordable ), and they offered different Mediterranean country variety to the same dish, which I thought was very clever. I got the Turkish version, which is served with: soujouk sausage, tomato, aleppo pepper, and feta. The eggs were very flavorful, and neither less to say I had no issues devouring what was on my plate.

(Short Ribbed Grill Cheese)

My friend had the short ribbed grill cheese Panini ( $10), which also came with a side of fatoosh salad. The Panini was served in 3 slices, which is a thoughtful touch on the restaurant end because it made sharing and the prospect of bringing home leftover easy. I will say out of the two dishes I preferred the short ribbed Panini because It was everything I needed after an early morning workout session.

( Trio Hummus)

Next, we got the trio hummus dish served with pita chips ( $12). The trio was: classic hummus, red pepper harissa, and pesto hummus. The hummus had a smooth texture and was topped with roasted chickpeas crisps, which made the dish very visually appealing. My favorite out of the trio was the pesto hummus, so I would highly suggest trying that one. If you know me you know that no meal is complete without desert, so naturally, I ordered the opera cake ($7.25), which is an almond cake, with coffee syrup, coffee buttercream, and dark chocolate genoise. The cake was so good and ended up being my Achilles heel for the day. I would be remiss not to mention the customer service, which was phenomenal.

(Opera Cake)

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Café Fili and would suggest checking them out if you’re looking for reasonably priced good food within the Baltimore area. Seriously you all need to stop sleeping on Baltimore and venture into the city more to eat. You would be surprised at how many chic restaurants / café there is to explore.

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