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Sunday Chill Day at Bar Elena

I am a big fan that H street restaurant scene is developing, especially since it is the only area in DC where you can find street parking with no issues. Typically when I go out to eat, I prefer going somewhere that entails me getting a little dressed up, but I decided to switch it up a little and do brunch at Bar Elena last weekend, which is a chill bar with an industrial feel that functions as a mini- arcade. The bar has a couple of games like a pinball machine along with a huge projector and tv, which makes it the perfect location to catch up on a game if you’re a sports fan.

Location and Parking: As mentioned before Bar Elena is located on H Street , but the exact location is 414 H St NE, Washington DC. I went to brunch on Saturday at 1pm and had no issues finding street parking, which is a massive bonus in my book.

Food: My friend is embarking on a lifestyle change, so she had the Charred Carrots salad, with a side of grilled chicken ( not pictured) for $10. The salad contained roasted squash, heirloom carrots, sage honey and herbed ricotta. Personally, I would not get a salad for brunch but alas, as she stated we’re getting older ( the dark side of our 20's) hence the necessity to eat healthier at all times lol. While I’m not necessarily a salad type of girl, I will say that it was delicious, visually appealing and the grilled chicken was very flavorful. Not surprisingly, I got the French toast, which was made with brioche, strawberry preserves, and cream cheese.

The French toast was so good and a very generous portion size for $14. Their brunch menu is pretty extensive, so it would be pretty hard not to find something you would want to try. The next time I go back I intend to try one of their shellfish option like the fried oysters ( which I wish I tried) or the steamed middleneck clams.

Overall I think Bar Elena is the perfect spot to catch up with some friends given the chill vibes, or if you're looking for a new spot on H Street. I definitely plan to check them out again sooner rather than later.

SN : My friend has been here a couple of times and recommended trying the hush puppies. Unfortunately, they're not on the brunch menu, but if you do end up going for dinner/ HH, then I would suggest ordering them.

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