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The Millennial Poster Restaurant: Toastique

It’s the beginning of 2019, which means that a bunch of people have healthy eating at the top of their resolution list, including myself. I like going out to eat, so it makes eating healthy a tad bit challenging, which was why I was so excited when I discovered Toastique. Toastique is a new restaurant located at the wharf that focuses on gourmet toasts,smoothies, and acai bowls. Millennials love a good avocado toast, and admittedly, a picture of their toast on my IG feed had me hook line and center. I had the opportunity to visit the restaurant last week to try a couple of the items on their menu, and I had a pretty informative chat with one of the owners Brianna, who just so happen to be a young woman killing the food industry game.

Parking and Location: As I mentioned before Toastique is located at the wharf, but the exact address is 764 Maine Avenue Southwest, DC . Limited street parking is available at the front, and the wharf has a parking garage, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding somewhere to park.

Ambiance: I would say that the aesthetic at Toastique is a mixture of modern and minimalist. The owners paid attention to the little details from the logo, which is pretty genius ( a toast within a toast ) to ensuring that the restaurant is bright, airy and clean, which creates an inviting space.

Food & Experience: As you can see in the pictures everything looks very fresh, that’s because Toastique has their ingredients deliver every day, which I appreciate as a customer eating their food. I asked Brianna to recommend a couple of stuff on the menu, and she suggested the Avocado Smash Toast( which is the most popular item ) $12, the Smoked Salmon Toast, $14 and the Dragon Fruit acai bowl, $12. I saw that they also offered detoxed juices and the Black Majik caught my eyes because it contains activated charcoal, which I wasn’t aware we could ingest. Brianna informed me of a couple of benefits of the Black Majik bowl, one which stood out to me is the fact that activated charcoal assists with kidney function by filtering out undigested toxins and drugs, that fact alone sold me on trying it.

I am a visual eater, so Toastique was already winning in my book when the toasts and acai bowls we ordered came out. Everything was colorful and looked delicious. The avocado was served on multigrain toast, and the smoked salmon was served on sourdough toast; both toasts was thick and soft which made eating them not as messy as it could have been. The avocado toast has a kick to it because of the chili pepper that’s was used, but what’s an avocado toast without a little kick? The Smoke Salmon toast has cream cheese with a herbed flavor, and the salmon is rich and firm , which made it very enjoyable to eat. The Black Majik was surprisingly really good and refreshing ( fret not it does not turn your teeth black ) . The Dragon Fruit bowl was a little tart, but also refreshing. It’s easy to assume that the toasts won't be filling but don’t be deceived based on the pictures. The toasts are a good portion size and were pretty filling to my friend and I who went. The acai bowls are also pretty filling, so I would suggest just ordering one unless you plan to take one dish to go.

FYI: They offer a loyalty card, which is pretty cool. If a customer spends $8 or more, then that counts towards your first point, and for your 11th point, you get a free food item of your choice.

It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Toastique from the awesome owner and staff to great ambiance and food. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I will be visiting again.

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