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Boqueria : Unlimited Brunch Haven

I took a short hiatus over the summer from blogging, but the free time allowed me the opportunity to try tons of different restaurants that I can't wait to share with you guys, one of them being Boqueria. Unlimited brunch with bottomless drinks for under $40 is literal gold, especially for my age group, so when one of my followers on IG suggested I check out Boqueria, it was a no-brainer. Boqueria is a Spanish restaurant that focuses on tapa dishes located in Dupont Circle. I indulged in the unlimited brunch there over the summer for $39 (keep in mind that the whole table has to participate in the unlimited brunch option) and it was very similar to CAVA unlimited brunch, so if you like CAVA, you will definitely enjoy Boqueria.


Parking and Location: If you have been to Dupont circle during the evening you will know that finding street parking is mission impossible. Luckily it seems that finding parking on a weekend morning is a more feasible feat and we were able to find parking on a Sunday morning with no issues. The exact location is 1837 M Street, NW, and is pretty close to Ozio.


Food: Typically I would go over the ambiance of the restaurant, but I sat outside when I went, and the little that I did see inside wasn’t memorable. I will say that the tables outside are quite small especially when receiving an influx of food, but the tables do look bigger inside, so do not let that dissuade you.


We essentially tried everything on the menu, while there were some dishes I loved there was also some that I could have done without. My favorite was a tie between the lamb meatballs and the patatas bravas. The potatoes had the right balance of being crispy without overdoing it, so we ordered it twice. Surtido de tapas (Manchego cheese, Jamón Serrano, and olives, served with country bread, salsa verde, and a Bloody Mary shot) was good, but I would suggest saving this for last because it’s easy to get filled with the bread. The calamres fritos ( fried squid) was underwhelming, to say the least along with the Reveuelto de calabza ( soft scramble of organic eggs), which was too bland for my taste bud.


I will say that I did like the fact that Boqueria had more drinks options for their bottomless drinks that included the mimosas, sangrias and leche de pantera.


The million dollar question is, Will I be returning anytime soon? Probably not, but that is because Boqueria and CAVA brunch is quite similar and I am already in a torrid love affair with CAVA ( not to mention it’s cheaper at $35 and the food is better in my opinion ). I would still recommend checking out Boqueria if you want to switch it up for unlimited brunch and go somewhere with some Spanish flair.


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