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The Perfect Summer Workout, Splash Cycle

Last weekend I got the opportunity to try Splash Cycle, which is an aqua spin class located on the rooftop pool of the Liaison Hotel, and if you know me I go to a cycling class almost every weekend, so it was right up my alley. If you already have your spin class routine down pat / you’ve never considered taking a spin class then you might be wondering why in the world you would want to try an aqua spin class. Personally, I decided to try Splash Cycle for the three main reasons listed below :

• It’s summertime and who wouldn’t prefer to work out in a pool instead of a hot overcrowded room • The resistance is naturally higher cycling in the water, which translate to you exerting more effort and burning more calories • Aqua cycling is low impact which is great for anyone who has an ankle injury

So now to the important questions:

What’s the difference between an aqua spin class vs. a regular spin class?

As the name implies, you’re cycling on a stationary bike in a pool and similar to a regular spin class you have the 4 main positions on the bike except position 4 in aqua cycling is different. Position 4 in aqua cycling requires you to drop your body into the water between the handlebar and seat, while your feet are still in the cage. Also at the beginning of the class, we used water as resistance to do a number of stretches, which to be honest were more challenging than they appear they would be. Music is typically played throughout the whole class, which creates an upbeat environment while you’re working out. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the sound system, so we didn’t have music throughout the whole class, but they did offer everyone in the class a free session to make up for the inconvenience which was excellent customer service.

What should you wear?

You’re free to wear whatever you're most comfortable wearing, but I would recommend wearing a swimsuit since you’re going to get wet anyways. Water shoes are required, but if you do not have a pair of your own, they do provide water shoes free of charge.

How much does it cost?

A single spin class is $ 25, while a 5 class package is $100. I also have a promo code ( PETALSC5 ), which gives you $5 off your class and the promo is good for the whole summer, so definitely make use of it ☺

Where is Splash Cycle Located?

They’ve two locations. One is located in DC at the Liaison Hotel and in Virginia at Crystal Square.

Overall I would recommend trying a class especially if you’re looking to switch up your current workout routine. I left the class feeling refreshed and ready to sign up for a next class.

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