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Thai Street Food Meets DC

I visited Thailand in February and had a fantastic time, but the year has been progressing so fast that it seems like a lifetime ago. When I saw Thai Chef Street Food on my Instagram feed, I instantly felt nostalgic because the décor accurately capture the essence of Bangkok. I visited the restaurant last week Tuesday with a friend and got the opportunity to have a quick chat with the owner Chalisa Fitts. The DC area is saturated with Thai restaurants, but Chalisa has done an excellent job distinguishing Thai Chef Street Food from other Thai restaurants that it’s easily my new favorite dine-in Thai restaurant for the below reasons:

• The ambiance is reminiscence of Bangkok street market, and the color choices are very vibrant and welcoming. Also, the clock that they’ve as the centerpiece is magical and is the focal point of the restaurant. • They offer street food that you would see in Bangkok, and this distinguishes them from other Thai restaurants. • They have a dessert bar separate from the drinks bar.

Parking and Location: Thai Chef Street Food is located in DuPont Circle, so it is a task to find street parking. I was lucky enough to find street parking, but there is parking garage roughly a block from the restaurant, so I would recommend using the garage. The exact address is 1712 Connecticut Ave NW.

Ambiance: As I’ve mentioned before the ambiance of the restaurant distinguish it from other Thai restaurants in the Dc area. Every piece used for decoration was chosen with thoughtfulness from the lanterns, which are used for fishing in Thailand to the one of a kind clock that was commissioned from a New York artist. Although they do not have an outdoor patio/rooftop bar, they make up for it with the indoor-outdoor window concept.

Food and Experience: Typically, I would have ordered spring rolls for an appetizer, but per Chalisa suggestion, my friend and I got the crispy fried wonton, papaya salad, and the pork strips. I am happy we went with her advice because it would have been a waste not to try something unique from the Thai street bites section. The pork strips are deep-fried marinated tender pork in Thai jerky style and were so yummy and the perfect portion size to share. The papaya salad was spicy and is not a dish I would necessarily get on my own accord, but I’m happy that we at least got to taste it.

For the entrée, I got the pineapple fried rice, which was delicious and my friend got Kao Mun Gai, seasoned sliced steamed chicken served over herb-studded jasmine rice, with cucumber, cilantro, and garlic ginger sauce. The Kao Mun Gai dish is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to be too adventurous with his or her food choice. It’s no secret that I’m a sweets fan, so when I saw the dessert, I couldn’t wait to dig in. For dessert, we had Thai Tea Bubble Waffle with Ice Cream with three different toppings. If you do you decide to visit Thai Street Food dessert is a must.

The food and ambiance were enough to warrant me revisiting, but the fact that they also offer a daily lunch special for $ 12.95, which includes an appetizer, entrée and a drink cemented me going back soon. Thai Chef Street Food would be the ideal spot for a lunch date, and I can’t wait to go back. If you do end up visiting the restaurant, I would love to hear your opinion.

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