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Miami Trip Recap

Miami has been on my list of places to go for a while, so I was super excited to celebrate my friend 30th birthday in South Beach. We went on the first weekend in November, which unbeknownst to us was the offseason. We still had a great time, but it definitely would have been a different experience if we went in the summer or during spring break. One good thing about visiting Miami during the off-season is that Uber was dirt cheap. Most of my trips were less than $5, but one of the con is that most of the drivers didn’t speak English which made the transaction very frustrating most of the time. I stayed at the Riviere South Beach Hotel, which had a hipster vibes to it and had the perfect artsy background for pictures.

One little gem I would like to drop is that Miami adds up. Most restaurants include a resort fee and gratuity, which quickly adds an additional $10-$20 to your bill. When visiting Miami this should be kept in mind, so you’re not surprised by how pricey most things are.

Saturday Night

I arrived at my hotel at roughly 9:30 pm, so I took a shower and took the opportunity to visit Little Havana, which is a hike from Ocean Drive. I dined at Cardon Y El Tirano, and the food was delicious there and definitely worth the trip.


We had brunch at Nikki Beach Club. They offered unlimited brunch for $50, which is a little pricey considering no beverage was included in the price. The restaurant is located on the beach, so it did make for the ideal brunch location.

Later that evening I met up with a friend at Wynwood, and it was definitely my favorite part of the trip (thanks, Julian ☺ ). Wynwood is so vibrant with murals everywhere and various shops and restaurants in the vicinity. The nightlife was also A1. If you plan on visiting Miami in the future visiting Wynwood is a must. LIV is also , the place to be on Sunday night, but keep in mind that the entrance fee is pricey so be prepared.


On Monday morning I visited Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which was breathtaking. When a place can transport you to a different country and period then, you definitely know it’s worth visiting. Vizcaya is a historic Italian estate that reminds me of Versailles ( if you don't watch the tv show you need to get hip). There’s an $18 entrance fee, but if you have student ID, the ticket is $10.

The estate is vast, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. I had to take multiple breaks inside because of how hot outside was. Also, if you are visiting I would recommend going with a friend, so you have someone to capture all the amazing pictures.

We went to prime Italian for my friend birthday dinner, and the place was nice.

If I had more time, the places below is where I would check out and would highly recommend adding to your list.

• The Versace Hotel • Cecconi The ambiance is on point for dinner • Sugar Factory • Komodo Sugar Miami ( amazing view of the city )

Where are you traveling to next? I just booked my birthday trip, and I am super excited.

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