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The Perfect Celebratory Restaurant : Rec Pier Chop House

My sister recently got a promotion, so a celebratory dinner was required. I wanted to switch it up a little, so we ventured out to Baltimore to have dinner at Rec Pier Chop House, the resident restaurant for the newly opened Sagamore hotel. Although it was a hike to get to Baltimore, it was totally worth the trip. The hotel is located right by the water, and the street is paved in cobblestone, which made us feel like we were transported to the streets of London (more specifically that one scene from Harry Potter when they went visited the shopping center in Diagon Alley to get their wands ).

Parking and Location: As mentioned before Rec Pier Chop House is located in Baltimore pretty close by the harbor. The exact address is 1715 Thames Street Baltimore, Maryland 21231. There’s ample street parking available that doesn’t require you to parallel park, so that was definitely a bonus in my book. They also have valet parking, but I can only imagine that would cost an arm and a leg since it is a hotel.

Ambiance : We were a tad bit early for our reservation, so we took the opportunity to wander around the courtyard which is absolutely beautiful. Once we ventured into the restaurant, I was quite pleased with the ambiance. Rec Pier Chop House is a mash-up of modern and industrial, which compliments each other. I loved how spacious the booths were and just how opened everything is.

Food and experience: Rec Pier Chop House is a tad bit pricey, but that should be expected for fine dining. I would highly recommend dining there if you are celebrating a special occasion or even date night. We both got mock cocktails, which I could have done without because I was looking for something more refreshing, so the drinks were a miss. My sister got the caesar salad, which they make in front of you. The salad was fresh, tasty and quite plentiful, so we were able to share the salad. Rec Pier Chop House is considered an urban Italian cooking, which made the dishes we got unique. My sister ordered the Rack of Lamb which was made with Lemon Yogurt and Couscous Trapanese with a side of potatoes. I got the Rigatoni Rigate, which is lamb Bolognese, Ricotta & Mint. The lamb was a combination of sweet and tangy and is a very unique flavor for lamb, and the potatoes were crispy and well seasoned. My sister loved her dish. I love pasta, so naturally, I enjoyed my dish, although it was very rich in flavor, which makes it hard to eat it all in one sitting. The meals were a generous portion size, so we had leftovers for the next day, so the price balance out what you’re getting. Although the food was excellent, our waiter was quite slow and seemed entirely unbothered, which took away from the experience a little.

Overall the Rec Pier Chop House hits the mark with ambiance and food, and obviously, I would recommend going there. Let me know if you want me to review more restaurants in Baltimore because I certainly have a couple of restaurants on my list.

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