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Emporiyum : 2017

On Saturday I attended Emporiyum , which is a 3-day food festival at Union Market. Emporiyum is an annual food festival, and the concept is very similar to Taste of DC, which I have attended twice before. A DJ, countless food and drink vendors and various artisans were present.

The great thing about attending a food festival like Emporiyum is that you get to sample a variety of food that you typically wouldn’t on your own. The various vendors had free samples ( which is always a win), and small portion sizes of their cuisine at really affordable prices. Even if you’re not interested in the food aspect of the festival, I still think it’s a great cheap weekend activity to do with friends

I got the late general admission ticket, which was $15, and there was parking available on site, so getting there and back home wasn’t a hassle. Friday and Saturday were cold , but the saving grace for the event is that the venue space is indoors.

I tried a variety of the foods and drinks that were available.

I love me some sweets, so the milkshake with the cotton candy and s’mores on top was mandatory for me to try. It was worth every last calories.

The buns were tasty and instantly got me filled. Luckily that was the last thing I tried.

Ironically, my favorite part of the festival was being able to witness the awesomeness of Knafeh Bakery, who wasn't actually participating in Emporiyum. Knafeh is a pop – up bakery housed in an old shipping container, and they offer you a unique, entertaining experience while they prepare the Knafeh.

They sing and dance while preparing the popular dessert and encourage the spectators to participate in the fun. They are located in Sydney and are in DC until November 19th, so I highly recommend checking them out while they're here.

If you attended Emporiyum, what was your favorite part of the experience? I would love to know.

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