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Kingdom Of Colors : Artechouse

In May Artechouse opened their doors, and since then they have brought to DC one unique exhibit after the other. I was fortunate enough to attend their first exhibition, which was XYZT. If you want to read about that experience, you can here. Fast forward to November, and they’re showcasing their 3rd exhibit; Kingdom of Colors on November 10- 26th. Kingdom of color is a colorful and immersive exhibit from French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard and artist Oilhack, soundtracked by Lyon-based composer Leonardo Villiger. Kindom of Colors is without a doubt my favorite exhibit from Artechouse so far. The colors transport and invite you to sit down and just enjoy the visual show.

The address is , 1238 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024 and there is a parking garage behind the building. The first hour is $10, and the max is $21. There is a day an evening admission, which both cost $15 ( totally worth it ). The difference between the day and evening admission is that during the evening there are alcoholic beverages available, so kids are not allowed during that timeslot.

Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words and will do the exhibit more justice than anything I could write, so enjoy and get lost in the Kingdom of Colors ☺

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