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My First Hot Yoga Experience

I tried yoga for the first time roughly a month ago and it was a completely different experience than I thought it would be. Prior my first yoga experience I always thought yoga was a frivolous activity, but based on my friend's recommendation I tried the heated vinyasa yoga at The Yoga Fusion Studio. Heated vinyasa yoga has exceeded my expectations and is currently in the mix of the various workout classes I take. One of the instructors Alice was gracious enough to do some of the yoga poses for this blog post.

Heated yoga is ideal for me because if I am going to pay for a class plus dedicate an hour of my time to it; I want to feel like I’m getting something out of it aka getting skinnier by the minute. The class description states that it’s open to all level, but I think they're a tad bit generous with that statement. Hot yoga is very challenging and pushes you to stretch and work your body in ways I didn’t think was possible. Obviously, me being a novice I was a mess my first class, but I didn’t feel discouraged because the instructor was attentive and corrected my form, which is key for any class.

I’ve been to the class three times so far and have always left the class feeling oddly satisfied. The class is a mixture of challenging poses while sweating and meditating. There are various benefits to hot yoga such as

• Sweating and Detoxing your body • Flexibility • Increase focus of body and mind

I highly recommend trying the heated vinsaya yoga class at the Yoga Fusion Studio, especially if you’re looking for a workout that leaves you drenched in sweat. If doing yoga in a heated room is not for you the studio also offers various yoga classes.

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