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The Hidden Gem: Tiger Fork

I'm back from my hiatus and it’s only fitting that my first blog post back is a restaurant review. I saw a picture of a dish from Tiger Fork while scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and immediately knew I wanted to check it out. Tiger Fork serves Hong Kong inspired cuisine and is located in Shaw’s Blagden Alley, which makes it the perfect hidden gem.

Parking and Location: Tiger Fork is located at 922 N St NW Washington, DC. I went with a friend on a Saturday and there was a number of street parking available and a parking lot 2 blocks away from the restaurant.

As stated before Tiger Fork is located in an alleyway, which makes it a little difficult to locate, but if you walk around long enough the big octagon window is a dead giveaway that you’ve arrived at your location. I’ve never traveled to Asia, much less Hong Kong, but based on my expert knowledge I have attained from watching TV the ambiance seems pretty authentic. There is an octagon shaped bar at the front of the restaurant and 2 huge murals of dragons playing in the sky on the wall. The restaurant is bright and inviting and there is a large communal table in the middle of the restaurant, which makes smart use of the small space.

My friend has an “I love Hong Kong” keychain, which the General Manager took notice of and surprised us with a complementary jellyfish salad and mushroom dish. The jellyfish salad was a little bit too adventurous for my taste bud and the mushroom was sour and not something I would order off my own accord. Granted the jellyfish and the mushroom was not my favorite, but the thought was definitely appreciated.

Most of the dishes are small plates and the menu is relatively small, so it would be the prefect restaurant to go to with a group of friends. We ordered Kowloon Bun, Beef Chow Foon and Humble Plate of Chilli Wontons, which is made of turkey, shrimp, and ginger. I also ordered the House Cherry Soda, which was a little sour, but I still enjoyed it. The food was inexpensive and very delicious. My favorite dish was the Beef Chow Foon because it was quite flavorful and a generous portion size.I love restaurants that are creative with how they present the check, so I thought it was a cute touch that the check came in a red Asian envelope.

Overall I loved the aesthetic and food. I think that they offer a unique dinning experience that is worth checking out. Once I figure out where I can locate their dim sum menu I will definitely be going back to try that. Also, next time I would like to try their various tea options like their Taiwan Green Tea or the Bai Hao Jasmine Tea.

SN : Restaurant week is August 14-20.

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