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DC Summer Guide

Summer is coming and I’m excited for the various activities the DMV has to offer for 2017. It’s always puzzling to me when someone says there is nothing to do in the DMV, especially when it’s the summer. So to help my gals and pals out there I have put together a little summer guide of activities, events, and places to eat this summer.

(not my imagine. imagine can be found here )

Art Activities

  • XYZT exhibit is opening on June 1st at Artechouse. It’s an interactive exhibit, which allows you to manipulate time and space. I am pretty excited for this exhibit and will be doing a blog post on this shortly. I would highly recommend visiting this exhibit sometime this summer.

  • Renwick Gallery – One word to describe the exhibit at Renwick – Magical. Entry is free and is definitely worth your time seeing.

  • Hirshhorn Museum – Easily my favorite museum in DC. They have a lot of modern art pieces, which is my preference.

  • Baltimore Museum of Art – currently on my list to visit.

  • Rooftop Art Fusion Kick-Off - this is one of the many events art soiree has this summer. I went to a couple of their events last summer and would highly recommend attending one. Tickets are $10 and the dress code is fashionable or cocktail attire.


The list could really go on and on, but the above restaurants are a good starting point of different restaurants to try.

Activities and Events

( Not my image.Imagine can be found here)

Hopefully, this list was somewhat helpful. Let me know if any of these events were already on your radar or if I omitted to mention a particular event.

PS - Anything in red is hyperlinked.

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