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Innovate to Create

April was a whirled wind for me with the events I had to attend, work, school etc. One of the events I got the opportunity to attend was “Innovate to Create”, which was hosted by Go with the Flo. Go with the Flo is an internet radio show which airs every Tuesday at 7 pm on Ripped Radio Network. The event purpose was to provide a space for entrepreneurs/artists to network and showcase their work.I love the fact that the event was held in downtown Silver Spring at Fire Station 1 vs. DC. It felt more inclusive since Maryland is often overlooked in the DMV area. The event was held on Sunday, April 16 from 8 pm- 2 am. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay long because I have the wonderful privilege of waking up at 5 am for work* insert upside down smiley face*.

Although I wasn’t able to stay long it was pretty evident that Go with the Flo did an excellent job putting everything together, especially since this was their first year hosting this event (hopefully it won’t be there last). They had a diverse group of individuals ranging from bloggers, artists, vendors, photographers etc.

My favorite booth was Plead the 5th. They sell apparels and were showcasing their pullover sweaters. The quality of there apparel was great for $35 and the packaging was even better. My sister bought a pullover sweater and so far has 0 complaints.

The stars must have been aligned that night because I've been on the hunt for some authentic black soap for a while. In attendance was a vendor that sold beauty natural products and had the black soap I've been looking for. I was excited when I spotted that booth and darn near ecstatic when I hear that a bar of soap was just $3. With that price, I bought a bar to add to my beauty products arsenal.

Overall, I'm excited to see the direction Innovate to Create takes next year and I think that the concept behind the event is great and just what the DMV needs.

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