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Trap Karaoke DC Edition

I’m a huge fan of karaoke, so when I heard about Trap Karaoke I knew instantly that I wanted to go. As the name suggests Trap Karaoke is Karaoke with trap/r &b music while the person performs in front of a huge crowd. Trap Karaoke tour different cities and on Feb 2 they came to the Howard Theater in DC. I’m not sure of the official tour dates for the various cities, but it seems that they visit DC at least twice for the year once in the winter and then again in the summer.

Early bird ticket was $20 and General admission was $30. Tickets do sell out fast, so if you are interested in attending I wouldn’t hesitate on buying the ticket.

Parking was dicey because there wasn’t a lot of street parking available and the parking garages that were close by closed at 7 pm. I ended up doing valet parking, which was $20.

I was under the assumption as I’m sure a lot of other people were that the lines would move fairly quickly, especially since they sent out an email advising people to get there early since it was a sold out event. I got there at 7:45 pm (the event started at 8 pm) and the line was already extremely long, which I figured it would be. It was a cold night and a lot of people had on a light jacket( including myself), and non- winter attire because they were taking into account that once inside all the layers would become a liability instead of an asset. My assumption was completely wrong because I was in the line waiting for 45-50 minutes, which I think resulted from completely poor planning on the part of organizers of Trap Karaoke, especially when taking into consideration that it was cold.

Moving along from the negative aspects, once I got inside I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious the Howard Theater is. Although it was a sold out event there was plenty of space to move around well at least on the 3rd floor. There were limited spots available on the sign-up sheet to perform and it was on a first come first serve basis.They had 20 spots available and 5 wild cards. Wild cards were individuals who were randomly chosen from the crowd to perform by the MC. The first performance was by 2 females. Not surprisingly they performed a Drake song and completely killed their performance. I could only imagine how intimidating it was performing in a sold-out venue but they must have had that liquid courage or an extremely high confident level. There was a mixture of good performances and performances that were cringed worthy to watch (but who am I to judge). The event was on a Thursday night and being that I start work at 7 am I definitely didn’t stay for the whole event. The event was extremely high energy, so if karaoke is your thing or just having a good time I would definitely recommend going at least once.

Btw I would love it if you could fill out this extremely short survey just letting me know what you love about DC Trinity.

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