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Wine Tasting @ Pursuit Wine Bar

I wanted to do something different besides brunch and dinner, so when I saw a picture someone took at Pursuit Wine Bar I immediately Google the venue. As luck would have it the first result that Google populated was a Groupon for Two Standby Wine Flight for $17. Buying the Groupon was a no brainer for me even without reading the Yelp reviews because of 3 reasons: 1. The portion sizes were really generous, 2. Pursuit Wine Bar is located in DC vs. in Virginia, where most wine activities take place and 3. The Groupon expires 120 days after purchase, so there is really no rush in redeeming it.

Not one to keep my Groupons as a souvenir three weeks later I was making my way to H Street to redeem it. The bar is situated in a row house, which is typical of DC restaurant scene and you can only participate in the wine tasting at the bar. The bar took up the entirety of the first floor and I assume the 2nd floor is the designated dining area, but I didn’t venture up there. I had a short wait time of maybe 5- 10 minutes, and this was on a Friday night at 7 pm, so using that as an indicator a long wait time shouldn’t be an issue.

The regular price for the wine tasting is $15per person and the wine options are written on a chalkboard vs. a paper/book menu. Not being much of a drinker I placed my faith in the bartender and told her to choose 5 wines for me with a preference of them being sweet. After reviewing the food menu with my friend we decided to go with the full experience and got the Joint Board, which consisted of prosciutto, salami, sweet coppa (the meat options), Chandrika,taleggio, petit basque (the cheese options), and honey which apparently compliments everything. The board was $28, which is a tad bit pricey but it was worth every dollar. To be honest, I liked all the wines that I tried, but my favorite wine was the sweet red blend. I liked the fact that it wasn’t too crowded, so it was easy to converse with my friend without having to talk louder for her to hear me. Pursuit Wine Bar would be the perfect girls night or date night, and to be honest you really can’t go wrong with only paying $17 for 2 people.

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