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Brunch at Agora

Finding new brunch spots are always fun, but I am guilty of eating relatively the same type of food regardless of the restaurant. Being aware of this I’m trying to challenge myself by exploring different cuisines, so when my friend invited me to brunch at Agora I said yes immediately (well after I stalked the restaurant on yelp). Agora is a Mediterranean restaurant that focuses on Turkish and Greek flavors. Couple weeks ago I did a brunch blog post on Cava Mezze, which is also another Mediterranean restaurant. I thought it was interesting to see how different their brunch menus were even though they are under the same umbrella. Cava Mezze brunch menu is more Americanize (but is definitely still good), while Agora menu is more authentic.

Location and Parking: Agora is located on 17th St NW, Washington, DC. I didn’t notice any parking garages nearby and they also didn’t have valet parking, which made parking a hassle. Even though I went on a Sunday it was pretty hard to find street parking, but good news Dupont Circle Metro Station is within walking distance of the restaurant, so taking the metro is feasible.

Price: Agora offers bottomless brunch for $34.99 including mimosa, Bloody Mary etc. Naturally, we opted to partake in their bottomless brunch option. Restaurants that offer bottomless brunch are my favorite because it provides you the opportunity to try a variety of dishes that you wouldn’t normally try.

Food: We started out with all of their spreads which are Labneh, Cacik, Bab Ghanouj, Htipiti, and Hummus and had them with pita bread. My favorite spread was the Htipiti which consists of roasted red peppers, feta thyme, & olive oil. Then we moved on to the Cheese and Cure. We had the Goat Cheese mixed with black caraway seeds, served with honey. Surprisingly, honey and pita bread made an awesome combination. In addition to the goat cheese, we had Kasar , which is shaved, medium –hard sheep’s milk cheese with orange marmalade. We also had the Turkish beef sausage flatbread, which was yummy and just the right balance between cheese and dough. The last thing we got was scrambled eggs with sujuk, which was a generous portion size. We tasted more than half of the menu and everything was delicious.

If you are looking for a break from your normal brunch routine Agora is definitely worth checking out. I currently have Zaytinya and Rasika on my list of restaurants to try . I’m open to suggestions of new places, so feel free to suggest somewhere for me to check out.

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