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The Spin Class Bandwagon

Most if not all are familiar with the phenomenon, which is spin class and yes I am most definitely on that bandwagon. Do you recall that fitness discount program I told you about called Classpass? Well, Classpass definitely comes in handy, since I am able to visit one particular studio 3 times per month at a discounted price. I am at the Bethesda Zengo Cycle location religiously every Sunday morning at 7:30 am (mostly because I can't park to save my life, and at that time there is guarantee parking without the hassle of doing any kind of fancy parking). Essentially, a spin class entails you riding in sync with everyone to the beat of the music on a stationary bike in a dark room. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Until you realize that a spin class is a full body workout, which takes a lot of energy. You’re never saddled in the seat for the whole class and you wouldn’t want to be anyways since the seats were not made with comfort in mind. The instructor may have you doing a sprint one minute, then a jog, and then some push up incorporated with the sprint. If you’re not used to a spin class your first class will definitely kick your butt. My thought the first 5 minutes every class without fail is, “why am I torturing myself this early in the morning?” but then that thought easily evaporate once I get into the groove of things and start cycling for every dollar worth I paid for the class. At the end of the class, I am typically dripping in sweat, which is pretty rewarding.

I have been to 2 different spin studios besides Zengo Cycle, but in a heartbeat, I would recommend Zengo over the competition. Your first class there is free and the shoe rental is included. Their price is also cheaper than a lot of other spin studios. You pay $23 per class and $3 for cycling shoes rental. Also, they have locations throughout the DMV.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine by incorporating a fitness class I would recommend trying a spin class ,especially at Zengo Cycle.

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