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Brunch at Cava Mezze

My friend birthday was on a Sunday and she wanted to do brunch at a cute but affordable place. Immediately I recommended Cava Mezze, which is easily my favorite brunch spot (thanks Jasmine for the introduction).It’s really hard to go wrong with bottomless brunch for $35 and penny /25 cent mimosas depending on the location. Cava Mezze has four different locations throughout the DMV, and the location we went to was in Olney, Maryland. They specializes in Mediterranean tapas style food and their brunch plates offer a twist on some classic dishes.

Parking: The Cava Mezze in Olney is located in a shopping center, so there was a lot of parking available.

Price: As stated above they have unlimited brunch for $35 and 25 cent mimosas, but keep in mind that everyone at the table has to participate in the unlimited brunch. The option is also available for you to just order from the menu and try a plate or 2 instead of doing unlimited.

Food: I’m a fan of unlimited brunch and eating my money’s worth and to be honest $35 is a steal especially, considering the portion size and the extensive menu. Once again I was on a mission to taste everything on the menu, but I only got through four dishes before I was absolutely full. My favorite dish is the grilled cheese, which is one of the dishes that are inspired by the Mediterranean way of cooking. I’m also a huge fan of sweets, so I had the French toast and the Nutella Waffle, which were both yuuuummy. The steak and eggs were also really good. If you decide to try the breakfast burrito and the French toast I would recommend saving that for last, since it is quite filling and is a very generous portion size. They offered the regular orange juice mimosa as well as grapefruit and they were surprisingly very strong and worth every 25 cent.

I would recommend Cava Mezze to anyone who likes to eat. It goes without saying that the food was really good and the atmosphere is great for a group of people who want to eat and enjoy each other company.

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