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NY Trip Recap

Quick weekend trips are always fun and efficient, especially since vacation time accrues as slow as molasses, so I went to New York last weekend to visit a friend. I took the bolt bus there and spent $60 on a round-trip, but if you look in advance I’m pretty sure you could find something for cheaper. Also, this guy that I met on the trip back to DC told me that he paid $40 for a one-way Amtrak ticket , so that’s also an option since that’s still relatively cheap.

Naturally, I went out to eat since New York is well known for its restaurant scene. My friends and I went to Tao and I was really impressed with the ambiance there. The theme is Asian inspired with a huge Buda statue at the front. The food was reasonable priced , which is surprising considering how expensive the restaurant looks .

I’m also a big art fan and as such, I had a couple museums I wanted to visit. I went to the Whitney Museum on Saturday and it was everything I hoped it would be. The High Line was also right beside it, so my friend and I checked that out also.

Saturday night we danced the night away while watching the UFC fight. Overall I enjoyed my trip and felt refreshed Monday morning . I would definitely recommend taking a weekend trip whenever the opportunity arises, especially to New York since there is always something to do.

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