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Brunch at Lincoln

Sundays are for brunch and this past Sunday was no exception. I had brunch at Lincoln Restaurant located at 1110 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC. We were able to find parking at the front of the restaurant and they also have a parking garage right beside it. As the name suggests the restaurant is modeled after the late president Lincoln. They have pennies on the floor, paintings of Lincoln on the walls and mason jars for the lighting. I’ve been there prior before for dinner and there is really a difference between the ambiance during the day vs. the night. I would say that Lincoln is more visually appealing during the night, but it’s still a cute spot during the day for brunch.

Upon arriving for our reservation at 11:50am (the actual reservation time was 11:30am) we were informed that we would have to finish dining by 1pm. That was off putting especially since I have never gotten a time restriction at any of the restaurants I’ve visited before (and I have been to a lot of restaurants). I am not too sure if that’s their regular policy or if someone reserved a large portion of the restaurant for a birthday brunch, but either way that subtracted from the experience.

They offer unlimited style buffet with breakfast cocktails for $49, which to be honest is a tad bit pricey, especially when you can find better deals within the city. They also have made to order waffle for $15 and Handcrafted Omelet ($16). I opted to order from the regular menu and had the Fried Chicken and Waffle ($14), my sister had the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Melt ($15), the unlimited mimosas ($21) and we shared the fruit platter ($11).

I’m not a fan of the idea of Fried Chicken and Waffle, so I’m not entirely too sure why I decided to order that plate. But, I was pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed the dish. The Chicken was well done and the waffle was tasty too.

I wasn’t too impressed with the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Melt. There wasn’t anything unique about the dish, but at least if you order it you won’t be leaving the table hunger because it’s quite filling.

Key Take Away: • The Fried Chicken and Waffle was delicious • Time restriction for brunch • Definitely preferred going there for dinner vs. brunch

Overall, brunch was good, but I believe that visiting Lincoln for dinner will provide a better dining experience.

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