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Laurel's House of Horror

It’s October, so naturally I had to visit a haunted house. I went with a group of friends to Laurel's House of Horror & Escape Room and had a pretty good time.

Location: The House of Horror is actually a shopping center that the owner renovated and as the name suggests it is located in Laurel, MD.

Price: I paid $30(including fees) for my ticket. The speed pass is $45; I would recommend getting the speed pass if you don’t mind spending that extra $15.

Parking: The great thing about this haunted house being located in Maryland was the fact that we had various parking options, so it’s ok to drive there.

Food: They offered concession food that you would typically find at the movies at a very reasonable price. I know that the hot chocolate and popcorn was $2 each.

The experience: The wait in line was ridiculous. We were in line for an hour and 45 minutes (outside) before we actually got to go inside. Then when we got inside we had another wait time, but this line was definitely faster. Unfortunately, this is the norm for any haunted house/ forest you go to. Hence, why they charge an arm and a leg for the speed pass because they are banking on you not wanting to wait an hour or more. I would recommend going with someone/ a group of people you actually like because most likely they will be your source of entertainment, while you wait. I’ve only been to one haunted house before, so I am certainly not the haunted house expert, but what was noticeable different about this vs. the one that I went to before is the fact that they had a live DJ. The live DJ was definitely a selling point to me because it helped to distract from the fact that you were waiting in line for so long. Without a doubt, I used that time to get in all of the karaoke practice I could get and it certainly does help that I think that I have vocals like Beyoncé (upside down smiley face).

The haunted house attraction is bigger than it appears to be from the outside. In the haunted house we actually walked through a movie theater playing a scary movie with dummies in the seat, so yes I’m not exaggerating the place is huge.Also, it’s pretty obvious once you actually start the trail inside that the space used to be a huge laser tag spot. I was really impressed with the variety of themes they had to offer throughout the haunted house, such as: the circus, a butcher block, a church, the purge (yes I am making reference to the movie) and tons more that I’m failing to omit (can’t spoil it all for you). They definitely did not skimp on the props and the talents they used. Overall I thought the place was well put together and they did manage to get a scream from me here and there.

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