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Class Pass = Money Saving

I’m one of those people who doesn't do well with going to the gym and staying motivated to continuously go once I actually do start going. Luckily , while I might not be a gym -going type of girl ,I’m a huge fan of taking a variation of classes especially for cardio. I’ve taken a spin class, kickboxing, cardio dance, boot camp etc. If I lived in the perfect world I would be able to take all the classes I wanted to for free, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in the reality where classes = money. Naturally, over time if you continuously take classes exclusively as your main source of workout the expenses starts to add up, so it becomes quite easy for you to start paying more than you would for a normal gym membership. I have a really good friend who is into fitness and is all about saving money. That friend introduced me to a membership call Class Pass. Essentially, Class Pass is a membership for taking classes at a really good discounted rate with a variety of fitness studios to choose from. The really good thing about Class Pass is that it’s not exclusive to DC, but has studios available in different cities like Atlanta.



The amount of money you save with using Class Pass is really significant, and it’s really helpful if you’re a person who likes to supplement classes with going to the gym without breaking the bank. Before I got Class Pass I would typically try to take a class once or twice per week, which would roughly cost me $160 for the month (a class is typically $20 per class and keyword roughly personally I probably paid $100 a month). With Class Pass ,I pay $55 a month for 5 classes (which saves me $45) or $105 for 10 classes (which saves you $95). To me signing up for Class Pass was a no brainer when I ran those numbers. It’s also gender neutral because they do offer classes that guys are interested in taking like TRX or Crossfit .

When I first got a membership with Class Pass I only had to pay $19 for 5 classes, which is pretty reasonable to me. They still have that promotion going on, so I would highly suggest taking advantage of it if you’re curious about it. Also, I do realize that paying for a membership is not a viable option for everyone, especially if you already have a gym membership. If it's not a viable option or if you’re just iffy about trying it I would like for you to take into consideration the main selling point of Class Pass . The main selling point to me for Class Pass is not necessarily the discount, but the opportunity you get to try different classes at different studios and basically just getting the opportunity to broaden your horizon with the different classes you can take (even ones you didn’t know exist). Before Class Pass I would never have thought about taking a TRX class (which is one hell of a workout), but because I had so many options I decided to take the plunge and ended up finding a workout that is challengingly and provides the results I want. If you do have any specific question about it feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

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