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The Circus Comes to Town

If you’ve subscribed to my blog then you would have gotten my email informing you of a couple of free events that were happening in DC on the weekend of September 23-25. One such event was Art All Night: Made in DC , which was a free festival at North Capitol that centered around providing different urban art experiences. This event was brought together by a partnership between Art Soiree and Capitol Main Street Inc. They had video art installation, live music performances, visual art exhibit, a barbershop show, a silent disco party, circus performances, and a lot more that I am omitting to mention.

The festival wasn’t held at just one location like the H street festival, so you had to travel to different locations to get a taste of everything Art All Night had to offer. Fortunately enough the venues were really close to each other, so it was either a 5 minutes uber ride, or a 15-20 minute walk . Although the festival was mostly about the art they also focused on supporting and advertising the surrounding businesses in the area, which I tried my best to support while I was in the area.

You may or may not be familiar with Art Soiree , but during the summer they held different events on the rooftop of the Liasion Hotel. I attended one such event , so I already knew exactly what I wanted to see during the festival and opted not to go around to the different locations.

The theme for the location I went to was Art All Night : Circus of The Night and as the name suggest I got to see a bunch of performers do a variety of stuff that you typically would see at the circus. They had stunts ranging from people handling fire to acrobatic and there was never a dull moment as the transition between the performances were really smooth and seamless. They also had a DJ on deck, which helped to create and maintain the atmosphere of excitement. The crowd was also really live, which the performers seemed to appreciate. My favorite act for the night was the acrobatic. The female who performed was phenomenal and fearless especially since below her was concrete and one wrong move would have been fatal.Overall with all that the festival offered it was a good experience and it was definitely something different to do on a Friday night. This is an annual festival , so I would highly recommend going next year.

SN : Im just going to recommend a couple of events / activities that are coming up that I believe the majority will be interested in:

. Taste of DC on October 8th (for all my food lovers out there )

. Tapas and Wine Pairings at Barcelona Wine Bar ( One of my favorite restaurants ) on October 25th

. Markoff's Haunted Forest ( went last year and I was really impressed by the layout of everything )

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