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Trillectro Music Festival

If you enjoy listening to music and having a good time I would highly recommend attending Trillectro next year. This was my 3rd year in a row attending and I must say that this year topped the other 2 years I went. It might have to do with the fact that my friend had a V.I.P band, which equated to unlimited drinks or the fact that I actually knew the majority of the people who performed, but whatever the case may be I had an overall good time. Trillectro is an annual whole day music festival in the DC area that showcases new and up and coming artists. The music selection ranges from EDM to hip-hop, so essentially there is something for everyone. This year the festival was held at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Colombia, which meant that we (the patron) got a huge venue with different seating options, which is great if you don’t do so well in a crowd.

The seating selections were the following: seating on the grass (no shelter), pavilion (under the shelter), floor section and V.I.P. I opted to get the pavilion ticket because this summer has been extremely hot. The ticket prices for the pavilion was $75 , but after enlisting the help of trusty Google I was able to find a ticket for $60, which was a steal for me.

The major headliners were: Lil Uzi (who really brought the crowd to life), Gold link (didn’t know who he was, so that was a snooze fest), Rae Sremmurd, ( another one who got the crowd hyped) and Kid Cudi ( whose performance was a tad bit weird for me ). There was also a good amount of other performers and live DJ sessions before the main headliners.Hopefully, you get to indulge in the trillness of Trillectro next year.

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